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Ab 1855 gab es eine Pharmakognostische Sammlung, die 1895 zum Pharmakologischen Institut erhoben wurde (Prof. August Falck). Erst 1908 bezog das Institut ein Gebäude (die alte Pathologie) im Klinikum. Folgende Professoren haben dann das Pharmakologische Institut geleitet:

History of the Institute 

From 1855 there was a Pharmacognostic Collection which was promoted in 1895 to the Pharmacological Institute (Prof. August Falck). It was not until 1908 that the institute moved into a building (the old pathology) in the hospital. The following professors then headed the Pharmacological Institute:


1922 - 1925 Oskar Gros,
1926 - 1935 Fritz Külz,
1935 - 1964 Behrend Behrens, who was predominantly toxicologically oriented


With the appointment of Prof. Heinz Lüllmann in 1964, the institute was able to move into a new building. In his term of office (1964 - 1992) many employees habilitated for the subject of pharmacology, who were later even appointed to chairs.


Great emphasis was placed on good and intensive instruction of the students. These included "clinico-pharmacological case demonstrations" that were carried out in collaboration with senior physicians from the Department of Internal Medicine. Through regular evening training events in the Institute, there was a close contact with the Kiel physicians and pharmacists. These „disputationes pharmacologicae“ will continue.


After the retirement of Prof. Heinz Lüllmann in 1992, and a 2-year interregnum (acting director: Prof. Albrecht Ziegler) in 1994 Prof. Thomas Unger was appointed as director of the institute. In 2001 he was appointed to the Charité / Humboldt University in Berlin. From 2001 to 2004, the Institute of Pharmacology was provisionally headed by Prof. Thomas Herdegen. Since June 2004 Prof. Ingolf Cascorbi is the director of the Department of Pharmacology.

Direktoren des Instituts für Pharmakologie


Amtszeit Leiter
1802 - 1846   Prof. Dr. Christoph Heinrich Pfaff
1853 - 1876 Prof. Dr. Emil Kirchner
1895 - 1922 Prof. Dr. August Falck
1922 - 1925 Prof. Dr. Oskar Gros
1926 - 1935 Prof. Dr. Fritz Külz
1935 - 1964 Prof. Dr. Behrend Behrens
1964 - 1992 Prof. Dr. Heinz Lüllmann
1992 - 1994 Prof. Dr. Albrecht Ziegler (komm.)
1994 - 2001 Prof. Dr. Thomas Unger
2001 - 2004 Prof. Dr. Thomas Herdegen (komm.) 
2004 - Prof. Dr. Ingolf Cascorbi